TelASK ‘Transitions’ (Support for Discharge Call Programs)

Research has proven that reaching out to patients in the early days post discharge can lead to a decrease in 30 day readmissions and greater overall patient satisfaction. TelASK ‘Transitions’ is a patient outreach solution that supports nurse discharge call programs by generating automated active voice calls to patients within 72 hours of hospital discharge or clinic visit to ask simple clinical and service related questions.


TelASK ‘Transitions’ offers several advantages over live nurse discharge call programs.
• Reach rates are consistently much higher (about 80%) because calls can be placed at all times of the day including evenings and weekends.
• All patients receive exactly the same scripts. Data is 100% comparable and reporting is real-time.
• Costs a small fraction of live programs. Expect an ROI in the vicinity of 300%.

Sample Questions*:

• Do you think your health is better, worse or about the same as when you left the hospital?
• Do you have any questions about your medications?
• Do you have any questions about your care plan?
• Have you made an appointment with your doctor?
• Were you satisfied with the service you received at the hospital?

*Note: Questions can be customized to match your current program

Patients who report clinical or service issues are flagged on the ‘Transitions’ dashboard for callback by a nurse. Screens are available to help manage callbacks and document the results of interactions with patients. A variety of reports are available in real-time that display clinical and service performance on a unit by unit basis across the organization.

TelASK ‘Transitions PLUS’

Some discharged patients are at higher risk than others depending on the condition that brought them to the hospital. TelASK ‘Transitions PLUS’ supplements basic discharge calls with algorithms tailored for special conditions or combinations of risk factors and generates multiple calls over an extended follow-up period.

Special patient populations currently supported include:
• Post surgical including cardiac
• Acute coronary syndrome
• Congestive heart failure
• Diabetes
• Tobacco Users

Automated Appointment Reminders

TelASK delivers phone, text and email reminders to confirm that each patient plans to attend their scheduled appointment. The automated calls use real human voice recordings and address patients by name to maximize reach rates. Clinics can expect to decrease “no show” rates by up to 25% with TelASK appointment reminders.
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Algorithm Design

Suffice it to say that the transformation of clinical algorithms into “IVR speak” is an art.  At TelASK we have experts that spend much of their time doing just that. They have a thorough understanding of how people prefer sharing and receiving health information.  Conversations can be shaped using information learned in previous interactions.

Program Planning

Whether your goal is to communicate with one hundred clients or hundreds of thousands of clients, TelASK can help you design a program that will achieve maximum reach and provide the best possible communication experience. Interact with people in the medium of their choice at the time of their choice.

Experts in multi-modal strategies TelASK will be pleased to discuss your needs and help you to put a plan of action in place.


Data is king. All information gathered in client communications is stored in a relational database and is available for managers to view in real time.

Within a few mouse clicks it is possible to verify how a single patient responded to a particular question or how a specified population is trending. For example the “intent to treat” quit rates of smoking cessation programs can be viewed for any time point and the success rates of different healthcare units can be compared in real time.